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Crystals are intuitively picked. All ingredients used in Indigo Native's botanical body care and herbal medicine are naturally derived from Mama Earth. Each handcrafted gift is always created with loving intention.

My Intention

I'm an empathetic healer and certified herbalist who loves utilizing what we're blessed with naturally. I have always had such a passion for nature. Making products that are derived from the earth is so incredibly rewarding.
"Heal yourself, heal the world" is my mantra for my business and every day life. I am here to distribute love and healing with natural body care, skin care and crystals. I want to instill the power of self love into all of my customers, because when you take care of yourself and love what you're blessed with, you are able to spread that positive energy into so many other lives. Love is contagious, and that's exactly how it should be. 

My Vision

The vision of Indigo Native is to bring together the "Indigo" community (empaths, rainbow/crystal children, spirititual healers, etc) or the deeply empathetic people out there to bring light into this big beautiful world. I reserve a portion of every order to prevent and end human trafficking. My goal is to eventually be able to build a team of like-minded compassionate individuals to travel to areas of the world that need help the most; from helping victims find homes, clothes, food, herbal remedies, etc. to working to put it to an end entirely. This is only a vision right now, but I fully believe that Spirit will bless our mission to manifest it into reality. My purpose as well as many others is to collectively give unconditional love and make the world a better place.

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